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April 9, 2013
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B-I-O-N-I-C : Saccharine (re do) by Milchiah B-I-O-N-I-C : Saccharine (re do) by Milchiah
Mil here! (*´∀`*)
I just made some changes on her design and stuff (/ω\)

- - - - - - - - ♡

:bulletblue:Name : Saccharine "Sachy" ( ● ω ● )、
:bulletblue:Age : 16
:bulletblue:Height : 4'11 (she grew an inch at last (*・ω・))
:bulletblue:Weight : 63 pounds (´ω`。). . .
:bulletblue:Division : Cranium
:bulletblue:Ossa : Member

:bulletblue:Description :
♡ She's a little blonde girl who wears a short white dress with black mini shorts underneath.
♡ She wears a blue jacket with a pink scarf that holds her weapon behind it.
♡ Grey stockings and blue sneakers.
♡ And a sheep hat

:bulletblue:Personality :
♡Saccharine is extremely timid when more than two people are around,
she tends to keep quiet or do random things with her hair or scarf when that happens.
But once she's only talking to one or two people her curiosity gets the better of her.
Since she only know so little from the outside world she tends to ask random questions or do reckless
or stupid things she haven't done before.
She can be a bit annoying sometimes since she pesters or follow around the people she's comfortable with.
Plus she's extremely forgetful. She might even ask the same question again and again.
She forgets names a lot especially if it's a long or complicated name so, she make nicknames for those people
in order to recall them. (●´∀`●)

:bulletblue:Backstory :

Saccharine's hair was straight once.

Before she curled, dyed her hair blonde, and lived in Bionic, a place now she calls home, she used to have a
straight black hair and lived in a locked-up room.

Saccharine was from a happy family that consisted of a mother, a father and Saccharine. (*´・v・)
But then ever since her mother died from an unfortunate truck accident when she was still five,
her father blamed her for the death of her mother and started beating her from time to time.

Well it wasn't completely her fault but sort of. . .she saw a kitten walking in the middle of an empty road,
it was cute and she couldn't resist so she went after the kitten. Unfortunately the road wasn't so empty after all,
everything happened to fast and all she saw were lights and a vague image of her mother, anddd you can
guess the rest ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Now back to the story ∩( ・ω・)∩ //skips five years
It was a normal sunny afternoon and Saccharine was in her room looking for her sheep hat.
She was looking for it high and low but still no sign of it. Until she saw something white under her little table.
Yes, it was her sheep hat. She immediately went under the table and took her beloved hat, she lifted her head
too soon and bumped her head. Surprisingly one of her tooth has fallen. She panicked and attempted to return
her tooth back to it's rightful place but it was in vain. So in the end she kept the tooth in a small box where she
keeps all of her milk teeth. She likes to sneak a peek in her teeth box from time to time since the box is cute and
the teeth inside it are cute as well and she occasionally count the teeth inside when bored. (●˙▿˙●)

One day when she sneaked a peek inside her teeth box she was surprised to see one of the teeth inside grew
and became pointier than it should be. She panicked and took the tooth out of the box thinking it might have some
disease or something that might destroy all the other teeth inside. She was almost going to throw it out from her
window but she stopped, the odd tooth pricked her hand and gave her a weird feeling, she dropped the tooth
and ran to the washroom to wash her hand just in case her hand might have been poisoned or something.
After washing her hand she noticed something, the wound on her hand that was pricked by the tooth has vanished.
She was so overwhelmed about her new discovery she immediately ran to her father to tell him about it. It was her
biggest mistake. Her father called her a freak and locked her up in the basement. Ever since that day she never
she never saw the outside world again, well except the hallway whenever the house boy brings her food and from
picture books that the houseboy sometimes bring her.

Drexon, the houseboy actually has a liking towards Saccharine so he tries his best to make her happy.
Sometimes he'd try to sneak picture books, magazines or anything that has pictures in the basement to at least
keep Sachy a bit updated with the world, and entertained. ( ◜◒◝  )

One rainy morning Drexon overheard a conversation between Sachy's father and a shady man with a lab coat.
He heard them talking about Sachy's condition and something about curing her. Drexon did not believe a word that
the man said, a lot of doctors and even scientists have tried curing Sachy but failed and most of them has ill
intentions of experimenting Sachy. He was sure that Sachy's father would definitely disagree. But no. Sachy's
father completely believed everything the man said. Drexon was shocked. He frantically ran towards his room, took
some money and immediately went down the basement to get Sachy. Sachy was so confused and scared of what's
happening but she ran away with Drexon anyway. ( ≖ ω ≖ )

Her father went looking for Sachy after that. He called the cops and many more people. In order to hide Sachy from
them Drexon brought Sachy to the farthest salon he knows to change how Sachy looked. And now you know why
Sachy's hair is blonde and curly now. (。◕ω ◕。)

With the remaining money that Drexon had left they rode a train that goes far away to start anew. He found a job
in a cafe and became a waiter/assistant cook and lived happily ever after. But that didn't last. One day when he
was working like always he saw Sachy's father outside talking to the vendors nearby. He scared that Sachy's father
might see Sachy, well even though Sachy changed how she looks but he was sure that Sachy's father could still
recognize her even a bit. Knowing that he couldn't keep Sachy safe forever he decided to take Sachy to the place
that he heard before that people like Sachy lived. And so you know that rest. ┌(┌ ^o^)┐

I apologive for my bad english and silly grammar ( ಥ ω ಥ )

:bulletblue:Weapon/Fighting Style :
♡ A syringe (main weapon), it's actually her canine tooth on the tip instead of a needle, and it's for healing.
♡ Capsule-thing, it's filled with powder. The pink one is for treating injuries and the blue one is for poisoning. ( ○ ω ○ )
♡ All of those are hidden behind her scarf. (;ω;)
♡ She is very weak but she can be very quick.

:bulletblue:Ossa :
♡ One of the pointed, conical teeth located between the incisors and the first bicuspids. Also called cuspid. found in google //hit

:bulletblue:Likes and Dislikes :
♡ Sleeping.
♡ Eating.
♡ Looking at pictures.
♡ Sheeps.
♡ Scarves.
♡ High places.
♡ Waffles.

x Loud people.
x Getting herself dirty or anything dirty.
x Being alone.
x In a crowed.
x Dogs.

:bulletblue:Relationships :
♡ Drexon - a brother-like figure.

♡ She speaks in a soft voice.
♡ Very nearsighted. She can only see things clearly that are 6 feet near her.
♡ Extremely forgetful.
♡ Her name is found in the dictionary that means "Very sweet or disgustingly sweet".
♡ Could sleep anywhere anytime. She sometimes even sleep while standing.
♡ She loves people who give her food.
♡ The tip of her syringe is actually her canine tooth not a needle.

- - - - - - - ♡

At last I'm done! ( ノ´ ω `)ノ I'm so tired from thinking _ (:3 」∠)_
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